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Bertrand is a Cinematographer hailing from the French Alps, where the natural beauty of his surroundings heavily influenced his work. He has shot several projects in the region including Sommet, which won the Kodak Award for Excellence in The Craft of Filmmaking.

He graduated from the National Film & TV School and has a varied portfolio of work in film, commercials, music promos and documentaries, with particular expertise working on projects with animated and surreal multiformat elements. He shot Frank’s Joke directed by Ed Bulmer at Partizan, nominated for the Grand Jury Prize for Best animated short at SXSW 2020. Other collaborations with Partizan’s Ed Bulmer include music promo British Bombs for Decklan McKenna, which won a Silver Ciclope Award.

Bertrand has experience with 35mm, 16mm, Digital formats, VFX and motion control. 

UK - FRANCE based, working internationally. 

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